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What is the data address in Zmod1410_Demo_Baremetal transferred from PL to PS side DDR?



I am currently developing a project with the ZmodADC1410_Demo_Baremetal of Eclypse-z7. The development environment is vivado 2019.1.

I have encountered a problem using Zmod1410_Demo_Baremetal. By reading this example, I can’t know what the starting address of the DDR that zmod adc collects is sent to the PS through axi dma is?

Thank you to anyone that can help!

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The addresses for AXI mapped peripherals are defined in the board design interface, if using that hardware design methodology. You can find all of the hardware design information in the SDK in the files that are exported to the SDK from Vivado; system.hdf and system.mss ( assuming that system is the name of your board design ).

Unfortunately, the hdf file isn't readable in a text editor, but you can read it in Eclipse when the SDK is open.

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On 2021/6/10 at PM9点15分, zygot said:

如果使用该硬件设计方法,则 AXI 映射外设的地址在电路板设计接口中定义。您可以在从 Vivado 导出到 SDK 的文件中找到 SDK 中的所有硬件设计信息;system .hdf 和system .mss (假设 system 是您的电路板设计的名称)。

不幸的是,在文本编辑器中无法读取 hdf 文件,但是当 SDK 打开时,您可以在 Eclipse 中读取它。

Thank you very much for your help!

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