Arty A7 Certifications, UL-standard, PCB

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We use the Arty A7-35 board for our measurement device. Now a laboratory for testing and certification of electronic devices is testing our measurement device for a CE- and CB-certification. Therefor all implemented PCBs must be tested. The testing laboratory want to know something like UL-standard an UL-number:

• Base Material
• Manufacturer of the material
• Material name (the name in UL-file)
• UL flammability class (e. g. UL94V-0)
• UL file number (e. g. E123456)

Could you send me these Informations please? Thanks a lot!

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Hi @TNG,

This is the information that I received:

Base Material: HTE-500 (relevant datasheet attached)
Manufacturer of the material: HONG TAI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL Co. LTD
Material name: E188094
UL Flammability class: 94V-0
UL file number: E117098 (image attached)



HTE-500 datasheet.pdf

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