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Fancy Analog Discovery 2 analog-out demo


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@AndrewHolzer Cool that you appreciate it!

In case you are anyone wants to see it in action, it's only a few commands away -- I have included it as a working example in my pydwf package:

pip install pydwf

python -m pydwf extract-examples

cd pydwf-examples

python SpinningGlobe.py

This depends on Python 3. On the first run it will download a big file containing publicly available vector data of the Earth (the GSHHS dataset).

Oh and you will also need a second scope (perhaps a second Analog Discovery, but I recommend an analog scope for the awesome retro look) to view the action in XY mode. It's pretty mesmerizing.

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Hi @reddish

The globe on the analog scope looks fantastic.

As alternative you can import such audio form wav,mp3,mp4... in Wavegen and play it or use the computer audio output.
Use Oscilloscope with repeated capture, scan or record; or import the audio directly in the scope.
This has the advantage that you can see the time domain and XY view at the same time.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnL40CbuodU&list=RDqnL40CbuodU&start_radio=1&ab_channel=JerobeamFenderson




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