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Pmod Color module not turning on (Zynq z7-10)


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I'm trying to get the Pmod Color module for the Zynq z7-10 to work but it doesn't appear to be on. I was following along the instructions from these sites:



and I have it connect to the device as such on the board's JA port:


Following along with the first link, I skipped the steps where a clock and interrupt were added as the data sheet shows that the Pmod Color IP does not require these. I have included my schematic below. I see that the module has an LED pin (LD1) but it doesn't appear to be on when connected to my powered device. In the SDK, I added a debug 'else' statement to the main() portion of the code to see if the Pmod is receiving data. After running the code on the board, the else statement is the only statement being executed. What could be the issue that my module is not turning on? I took a voltmeter reading, and the Vcc and GND pins are getting 3.3V. Following the instructions of the first link, I noticed they never included a constraints file. Could this be the issue?



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Hi @J995,

I asked another engineer to take a look at this since they had a Pmod Color with them at their home. They let me know that when they created a new blank application in Vitis (2019.2 version, I don't know what version of Xilinx software you have) they were able to get the attached project I provided them (it uses the Zybo Z7-10 with Pmod COLOR on JA, and with external buttons and switches matching what you have in your block design).

We'll be able to provide some better details on this tomorrow.



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