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Difference mono and stereo schematics


I am a fresher in the field of audio interface. I have a requirement to design audio input and output interface. I have the following details with me:

  • Number of audio channel: Mono.
  • Sampling frequency: 48 kHz.
  • Number of bits/sample: 24 bit.

When I explored the audio interface I found there are different audio levels like Mic, Line and speaker levels.

  1. With only few data available how can I decide which is the audio level that I need.
  2. Also i explored digilent I2S2 stereo audio in and output module. Can it be used for any audio levels.
  3. And we are planning to do initial proof of concept using digilent I2S2 setero audio in and output module. Can I use it to validate mono. Will it make a major difference in schematics if the channels are either mono or stereo.
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Hi @Shifali N,

I'm not certain if I am interpreting all of your questions correctly, but I'll see what I can do.

1. It will depend what you plan on interfacing with and what your system can handle. Mic levels are "weakest" in terms of voltage amplitude and usually need some sort of amplifier to bring it up to Line levels so that it can be processed. Speaker levels are much higher in amplitude and usually need an amplifier when coming from a system board.
2. Based on the description of the two datasheets for the ICs present on the Pmod I2S2 (https://www.cirrus.com/products/cs5343-44/ and https://www.cirrus.com/products/cs4344-45-48/), it seems to be suited for line level input.
3. You probably can use it to validate mono data. Naturally you'll have to make sure that you transmitting and receiving data on the correct attached channel as mono jacks only have data at the tip; the rest of the plug is grounded so you won't get any usable data from that input (or output).


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