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USB2.0 (FS) decoder or Sigrok support?


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I'm on the hunt for a logic analyzer to debug digital protocols. I plan to use it to debug high speed SPI busses (up to 50-80MHz) and USB 2.0 FS (I want to write my own USB stack for a STM32 as a learning experience). My eye is particularly drawn to the Digital Discovery, as for the price it has very high sample rate. I still have to buy a LA though, as I'm still scouting around what works best for me.

Therefore, I installed the Waveforms software as a demo, but did not find the USB protocol in there. Obviously it would be complex to write a custom decoder while simultaneously also writing (and learning) a USB stack.

However I do know that open source packages (Sigrok) has support for it, so that makes me wonder if it's also possible to use the Digital Discovery with sigrok (e.g. directly capture within Sigrok). I had a look at the Sigrok wiki; and there is a page for the Analog Discovery 1: https://sigrok.org/wiki/Digilent_Analog_Discovery

However, it says it's WIP. I cannot find any device driver in Sigrok or the github repository.

So I wonder, is there any plan to add Sigrok support? If not by Digilent's efforts, is there any documentation available on how the interfacing to the device works, perhaps even at a USB level, such that it could be ported?

I think it would be a huge addition to the product, as the Sigrok CLI and GUI is equipment agnostic and could be used in many test/development automation setups as well.

Thanks in advance 😄

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Hi @nlHans

There is no USB interpreter in the WaveForms application, yet.

The WF SDK/API can be used by custom applications to control, generate and acquire data with the T&M devices.

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