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JTAG-HS2 programming, DONE wire


Hi all - I've been having enormous difficulty using my JTAG-HS2 programming cable.  Specifically, with my Numato Mimas A7 board, I could never get it to raise DONE when the board was running on an external power supply.  Programming on USB power worked fine.

Any help appreciated. I've just about had it with this JTAG-HS2 cable, it's nice to be able to connect to ILA in Vivado but at this point, given how other people have had success with the Xilinx name-brand products, I'm tempted to just return it before the 30 days are up...

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Hi @sthornington,

Admittedly I'm a bit confused that you are using the JTAG-HS2 at all since it seems like there is a programming interface already integrated into the Numato Mimas A7, at least based on its landing page. My understanding is that you should be able to use the ILA through that USB connection, though if you are also using that connection for UART, that would make sense why you would need an additional cable for the ILA.

One thing I am noticing though based on the schematics and the user guide, https://numato.com/docs/mimas-artix-7-fpga-development-board-with-ddr-sdram-and-gigabit-ethernet/#jtag-6, is that the listed pin order for the JTAG pins between the Mimas A7 and the JTAG HS2 do not match, so I'm surprised the Vivado ILA is correctly detecting the downstream FPGA board at all. I'll try to look into this some more.


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