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Eclypse Zmod librarys essentially to read/write config registers ?


Hi i had short question concerned Eclypse Z7 Zmod ADC and DAC and thier Controller IPs and according librarys.

Are the functions of the axi zmod library essentially to write to config registers of axi_zmod_ips or can they be written directly with simple functions like xil_out32(baseAddress + registerAddress, value) or a simple pointer to baseAddress of IP on axi bus ?

The reason i ask this is, that i build a very basic project with only the ZMOD_DAC_AXI_IP connected to PS with AXI-Lite config port and the ZMOD_DAC_Low_Level_Controller_IP connected to ZMOD_DAC_AXI_IP (without DMA and all this stuff) and only try to write to the control_reg (0x00) with this very simple code:

uint32_t *dac_axi_ctrl;

int main()

first approach:

uint32_t *dac_axi_ctrl;
dac_axi_ctrl = (uint32_t *)0x43C10000; // baseAddress of ZMOD_DAC_AXI_IP from xparameters file.

*(dac_axi_ctrl + 0) = 0x00000010;


other approach i tried:

xil_out32(0x43C10000, 0x00000010);

uint32_t value = xil_in32(0x43C10000);

xilprintf("%i", value);


Only thing i try here is to switch on ADC output and hear to the clicking of the relay but nothing happens.

I know that this task is also doable on Input Pins of Low level controller directly but i also have to do things like switch the output format of DAC from "offset binary" to "twos complement" and things like this are only doable over SPI with Axi_IP controller.

But i want to do this without this bloated librarys encapsulating standard functions like xil_out32() in a bunch of upper level functions and i also won't use DMA, Flash and circular buffer and all these stuff from the examples.

Or to sum up all this: Are the ips kinda "locked" on the library functions or is it not a normal axi lite bus and the library with all stuff like building constructor of ZMOD class and other stuff from the example has to be used to write to config registers ?
So it can't be threaten as a custom AXI Ip in the kind of writing to it via AXI with basic functions ?



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