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The product is AD2 / logic analizer / script in order to get values from a HCS300 output. I am able to get everything I need, but I would like to know what is the function role value2text.text. I have seen it with values (1,66) but I do not have found any information on what is the need/use  of it.


Tkanks for you to get interested in answer.


Joaquim Silva


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Try to clarify my doubt: In the tab Value to Text, on the page that opens, when in AD2/LOGIC, when we want to do a  script edit, you have the function Value2text (flag,value){ ... }.

This the function definition that will interprets the values and display them.

Bellow that definition you have, what should be a call to that function: Value2Text(1,1)

My doubt is: what is the role of this,Value2Text(1,1), because if I comment it, nothing happens, the script works the same.

Another doubt is that I do not see the calling of the function function Value2text (flag,value){ ... }. in the Decoder script.

Of course this is only curiosity, because has I said, what I want to be done it is done.

Thanks for the excelllent product that the AD2 is.




Joaquim Silva

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Hi @Joaquim Silva

The Value2Text(1,1) function call is there only to test the script with the Evaluate (abc) button.
Normally when new data is captured/loaded the Decoder script is executed to process rgData array to rgValue and rgFlag arrays.
Then, for display purpose the Value2Text function is called by the application to represent each value/flag as text in the main drawing, data, events views...




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