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I would like to share a CMod S6 System on a Chip (S6 SoC) design.  This project is designed to demonstrate how capable a CMod-S6 can be, while also demonstrating a home-grown soft-core CPU: the Zip CPU.

In particular, the S6 SoC project demonstrates:

In the spirit of Free and Open Source, all of the source code for the project is available on OpenCores.



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For those interested ...

The project has since been moved from OpenCores to GitHub.  (I was unable to update the OpenCores repository.)  The ZipCPU on board now supports 8-bit byte accesses (as opposed to 32-bit bytes), a divide unit, and a much faster approach to reading from the flash (80MHz flash clock, 80MHz CPU clock).  As a result, the CPU should be able to execute one instruction every 17 clocks when running from the flash vice 52 clocks per instruction before.

If nothing else, this proves that with a little creativity, you can do a lot with a very minimalist board.


P.S. The CPU can nominally run at nearly one clock per instruction at 100MHz, but that requires a faster FPGA and enough logic to place an instruction cache on board.

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