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Creating a Custom IP core using the IP Integrator with Zybo Z7-20 and Vitis 2020.2



I am a new comer just start studying FPGA with Zybo Z7-20 with Vivado 2020.2 and Vitis 2020.2.

Tutorial, Creating a Custom IP core using the IP Integrator (https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/zybo-creating-custom-ip-cores/start), is a good resource to study the Custom IP for the first time.
I followed all the procedure and got to succeeded exporting the hardware by going to File -> Export -> Export Hareware....  Of course, I included bitstream when exporting. 

Then I select File -> Launch SDK.

I choose  "C:\FPGAprojects\ZYBO_Z7-20\PMW_AXI_tutor\PMW_AXI_hw.sdk" as workspace for Vitis 2020.2

Then I made an application project successfully with the exported hardware from Vivado 2020.2.

I set Repository as "C:\FPGAprojects\ZYBO_Z7-20\PMW_AXI_tutor\PMW_AXI_hw\PMW_AXI_hw.ipdefs\My_PWM_Core_1.0" by selecting Xilinx -> Repositories -> Software Repositories.

Then I make right-mouse-click on platform project, design_1_wrapper, and select Build project.

Unfortunately project build fails due to some kind of compilation error.
Messages in "Message_in_Console_view.txt" are copy of messages in Console view, generated during project build. 
When I navigate the folders/files in platform project after project build finished with error, the files/directories structure are broken, compared with normal cases.   

To help understand the case, I want to upload my zipped project files. But its size almost 31MB.
If it is needed, please let me know.

I attached one message file:
   1. Message_in_Console_view.txt  messages in Console view during platform project compiling

I tried to solve this problem almost 2 weeks. But, I failed.

Could you kindly advise me the way how to solve it ?

Many Thanks in advance,



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Hello Eduard,

Fortunately I found that post some days ago. I fixed the Makefile file under 4 folders in my platform project for application project.

The link for answer record is right solution.

Thanks so much.


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