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Analog Discovery 2 immediate sampling data output


Hi all,

I have a question about AD2  immediate sampling data output.

I am doing a university project which needs AD2 to do analog signal measurement on LabVIEW.

AD2 measures a signal with 12.8 KHz sampling frequency.

I am wondering if I can get the immediate measured data without sample lost?



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Hi @Ting

Could you explain what do you mean by "immediate sampling data output" ?

To sum up the replies in your other post, you can capture:
- one sample (ADC conversion) from each scope input using FDwfAnalogInStatus/Sample functions
- capture up to 8192 samples at up 100MHz on each channel with the VIs or FDwfAnalogIn functions with acqmodeSingle
- capture "unlimited" number of samples at up to about 1MHz using the VIs or FDwfAnalogIn functions with acqmodeRecord
  This streaming/record process could result in buffer overflow, data corruption. In this case the rate should be lowered.


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Hello attila,

In that case, I need to wait the vi finish recording. Then I can get the measurement results.

Is there a method I can get single measurement per time, instead of batch processing?


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