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Using a Strain Gauge Load Cell and HX711 Weighing Sensors on the MX3


Hi Digilent,

I was impressed with the customer service last time I posted on here. I have a project where I want to attach a load cell to my BASYS MX3 board. The peripheral I was interested purchasing is labeled as an Arduino product but most of the same things are on the board.  

This is the product I am interested buying:


This is the tutorial I am using as a reference:


Am I able to get any assistance trying to make this scale hobbyist project?


Thank you,


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Hi @cyonek12,

I don't know how much assistance I'll be able to give, but the good news is that the datasheet for the HX711 indicates that its IO pins can handle 3.3 V logic and power supply, which was the biggest barrier (in terms of necessary hardware) that I would be worried about.

I haven't looked into the datasheet beyond that or the Arduino library code, but it should be directly portable to the Basys MX3 and usable in the Arduino IDE. Changes you might need to make would be any conversion factors from 5V to 3.3V, if you using a 1kg or 5kg scale, and which pins the device is attached to the Basys MX3. In the guide you linked, there is another amazon link to a similar load/strain guage that has a number of tutorial links at the bottom of the "product description" section.


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