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Using CORDIC IP Core to calculate Amplitude and Phase of DFT output

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Hi, i had the following question.

I want to calculate Amplitude and Phase of certain frequencys (frequency domain) from xilinx xfft IP core output (array with complex values).

Is it possible to do this with [Rectangular to Polar Translation] Mode of xilinx CORDIC IP core ?

If yes, would you prefer this solution over implementing your own FPGA code to calculate amplitude and phase e.g. what would be andvantages and disadvantages ?


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I have a project that has FFT connected to CORDIC:

FFT (radix-2 lite, fixed point, unscaled) -> AXI4-Stream Data FIFO -> CORDIC (translate, word serial)

This combination works well for me. With the CORDIC's architectural configuration set to 'word serial', the utilization of the FPGA resources by the CORDIC IP core is quite reasonable.

I also use other DSP IP cores (DDS, CIC, FIR, complex multiplier) provided by Xilinx. They help me make quite complex systems by simply connecting their AXI4-Stream interfaces. I'm afraid that if I had to write similar IP cores myself, it would take me months.

Can't think of any significant disadvantage (I don't care about vendor lock-in at the moment).

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