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size of tms/tdi bitarrays from DjtgPutTmsTdiBits


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Hi @perdue

Looking at the source code the maximum cbitpairs is uint32max - 7
There is a default 10 sec timeout for the transfers (function calls) and it can be changed with DmgrSetTransTimeout if you want.
Instead of this, 
I would rather transfer the data in about 1 sec chunks, so it can be aborted in the higher level app.

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Hi @attila,

very thanks, this was the problem. It's works now. The complete transmission needs a time ca. 1min.

But is see another problem in conjunction to debug this problem with ddd:

First is started our tool which is using the digilent libs.
Then setup any breakpoints in ddd and attach running app.
Let running ddd with continue. The app works in background as on process.
Now the app reach a breakpoint, stopped before DjtgPutTmsTdiBits.
So i switch to ddd and will step over next and DjtgPutTmsTdiBits fails.

It's occours not, if i'am not using ddd.

Is in DjtgPutTmsTdiBits a watch for switch processid and if so, block transmission ?

We have at least installed the linux64 driver :
ftdi.drivers_1.4.8-x86_64 insided.

Very thanks,



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Hi @perdue

The actual data transfers are performed in separate thread.
When a function is called in blocking mode, with overlapped false, it will wait for the transfer semaphore to signal completion.
I don't remember having issue in debugging apps which use Adept libs.

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