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Hello evreyone,

i want to ask which cable should be used for "Cmod C2: Breadboardable CoolRunner-II CPLD Module" . I am novice with Digilent, so I dont know what mean JTAG3 cable?(the only explanation in reference manual with this Module). Is that JTAG-HS3, JTAG-HS2, JTAG-USB Cable or some ohter(section programmers on the DIgilent Web site)?


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Hi @S.P,

Our Coolrunner-II CPLD is retired, so we don't have a lot in terms of active support. All of the materials that we do have for the Coolrunner-II can be found on it's Resource Center here: It looks like Xilinx may have some additional information (though perhaps not for this board specifically) on their website as well:


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