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AD2-based lab manual copyright and fair use


Hello Digilent! I'm an assistant professor of EE at a small teaching university. I'm redeveloping our circuits sequence labs to be a very experiential, transducer-heavy set of labs all built around the AD2 and NI-Multisim. Lots of DC motors, piezo transducers, visible spectrum phototransistors, etc. We are hoping to publish a lab manual at some point in the future. I've got the Fritzing AD2 image in one lab and the entire thing is totally saturated with screenshots of Waveforms showing how to run the experiments.  What copyright issues might I run into here; I'm not an IP lawyer so I'd just like to ask. 

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Hi @shadowcentaur,

I just got confirmation from our Product Manager that there will not be any copyright issues using screenshots of WaveForms (or any photo from the Digilent Flickr account if you need some official product photos) She did request though that if possible you use Analog Discovery 2 (as opposed to AD2) and WaveForms (as opposed to Waveforms) to match the capitalization style that Digilent uses.


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