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wireless Pmod ESP32 and support for ARC EM4/EM6 cores


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Hi @Dhanuraj Pillai,

Unfortunately, Digilent does not have any support regarding JTAG access for the Pmod ESP32.

I did end up taking a look at the documentation I found from espressif's website here, and I am lead to believe that you would not be able to do any JTAG operations between the datasheet for the ESP-WROOM-32 datasheet, their JTAG configuration page, and the Pmod ESP32 schematic.


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Hi JColvin,

thanks so much for your datasheets, was really a good link, which was just I was looking for. Sorry for the delayed response as I was out of office.

I did not dive deep, but my first impression also is that JTAG operations are not possible. However it might be possible to do software update/ reprogramming of the target flash (DUT) wireless using the communication channels UART/SPI. Is my understanding correct?

The idea is to fulfil atleast reprogramming of a sealed sensor-> Wifi->ESP-WROOM-32->SPI/UART-> SYNOPSYS BASED MICROCONTROLLER.

If this could be primarily achieved, I can start diving deep into interfacing.

Thanks again in advance!

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