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ZMOD ADC1410 Digital Data Value no increased according to Input Voltage



I am working on zmod ADC 1410 with Eclypse Z7 FPGA. I run the ADC bare metal demo. I want to compare the input analog signal with the output digital signal. When I changed the input voltage, then the output value not changed according to the analog signal. And digital value changed each run but shape is correct. Please guide me if have any information about it

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It's been a while since I've played with the Eclypse-Z7 or the demos. As I recall the demo for the ADC1410 wasn't very good at showing how to tune the ZMOD to display input signals properly. I don't really have anything more to say about them that I haven't already posted.

Both ZMODs have very good datasheets and design notes. The ADC1410 has a lot of modes and settings that you need to understand. Do read the available reference manuals for your ZMOD and work through the ADC signals from the output code ( which is select-able ) though the various termination, coupling, offset and gain compensation selections to the final scaled output, whether in raw digital signed format or Voltage presentation. Yes, it's a lot of work but you need to understand everything involved in order to understand what you are interpreting as final values.

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Hi @UF95,

Zygot is right and we are working to improve our design of both the IPs and the demos for the Zmods. The actual time frame when we will be able to release the new designs is still unclear, will take more months to get it done, but we are working on them. This is actually the main reason we have not updated demos to Vivado 2020.1, yet. MY HOPE is that we will finish the new releases by the time 2021.1 is out, but it could also be sooner... or later.

Either way the new design will be more user friendly and it will also include the much coveted test benches for some of the new IPs.

Meanwhile, you could help us by telling us how you are planning to use the Zmod and what other peripherals, IPs, drivers, applications, etc. you want to use it with.


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