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Voltage and current supplies for the instruments in the Electronics Explorer Board.


Hi! I´m getting starter with this all-in-one protoboard, but in the User's Manual it doesn't say the voltage and current limits for each instruments, only for some of them. I was wandering if there is another manual where it says these specifications, because I don't want to damage the instrument's device.

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi @Ale Maus,

Within the WaveForms software, if you go to the Help tab and Select Browse and select the Electronics Explorer in the Getting you'll be able to see the specifications for the Oscilloscope, Arbitrary WaveForm Generator, Power Supplies, and Digital IO. All of the other instruments available within WaveForms software use the hardware used by one of those listed tools (analog outputs, analog inputs, digital pins, or power supply rails) and correspondingly will have the same voltage and current limitations as appropriate.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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