Video pattern generator board

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Guest H Lozano

I am looking for an FPGA board to implement a display pattern generator
and capture system. I looked through your website but couldn't identify
a suitable board. The board has to support at least one of these
interfaces HDMI, DVI, LVDS/mini-LVS, openLDI, etc. in addition to a USB
or some kind of interface to the host PC. Any suggestions?

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The Nexys Video and Genesys2 have decent USB 2.0 connectivity. I'm not sure what you mean by 'capture system'. I've used the Nexys Video HDMI input with an HD-SDI camera and SDI to HDMI converter to capture video. Both boards have HDMI input and output ports.

Before making a purchase it might be a good idea to try and build the demos for boards that you find suitable and in your price range to verify that any required IP is available for your tools version.  Free IP doesn't always survive tool version releases. You can always use older tools. The only way to know if there are any unpleasant surprises is to go and build the demos and see what happens. Free Video and Ethernet IP is typically problematic for all FPGA vendors.

It's better to discover problems before you are stuck with hardware.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you have a board with LVDS output?


Zygot thanks for the cautionary advice. I fully agree with you regarding the free IP. At the end you get what you pay for! BTW we have our own pattern generator and video capture IP that we would like to test. The IP supports multiple LCD interface standards so it would be preferable to have a single board that can support at least two to three of these interfaces but it's hard to source.

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7 hours ago, H Lozano said:

Do you have a board with LVDS output?

The LPC FMC equipped Nexys Video and the HPC FMC equipped Genesys2 are capable of doing LVDS with a selection of Vccio bank voltages. 

You can, and should, review the schematics for both boards. Since you don't need IP it's really about choosing the platform that has the most bang for the buck. Both have fairly large ( for budget minded customers ) FPGA devices but the Kintex on the Genesys2 really shines. High quality FMC mezzanine PCBs aren't trivial to layout or cheap to produce and since you have the platform trace lengths to the FMC connector fixed might complicate using a custom board on a different platform.

There aren't many low end FPGA boards designed with LVDS in mind. Boards that support SYZYGY might be an option if you really want to do and LVDS standard. Again, you need to review the schematic of promising candidates to see if they provide suitable Vadj voltages to the connectors of interest.


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