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Pynq Video Processing


Hi everyone!

I am trying to create a design on Pynq, in which 800x600p video would be streamed in through HDMI. This would be stored in DDR memory. And to verify the saved data, the same would be streamed out on HDMI.

1. I have made a block design. i think this would be the blocks needed for the design. I have attached the PDF of the design. does anyone think I'm missing anything.

2. I think there i have made all the necessary connections, I have left a few resets unattached, would those be a problem?

3. How do i go about writing software for the design, this is something I don't even know how to start.

4. assuming that nothing works, (which probably it wont), How would i know that it is because of the software or the block-design?

any help would be appreciated.













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thanks for replying, i added a constant one to connect to reset of video to Axi4 and Axi4 to video.

1. this design uses axi stream subset converters, right after: video in to AXI4, and right before: axi4 to video. even though input and output both have three bytes. I dont understand why they are there..





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