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how to properly use a rgb2Dvi ip?



I am trying to make a simple design that drives an hdmi display, but I get nothing on the display attached is block diagram,

clock wizard generates 40 MHZ. for 800 x 600.
same is reflected in default section of VTC.
RGB2DVI is set for less than 80 MHz, with serial clock generated internally from pixel clock.
using Vivado 2017.1.

The video patters generator is a very simple IP that streams out color bars, written in c using hls. This was working with ZEDboard. I have generated a new project for hls, with xc7z020clg400-1 part number just to be safe.

I can upload the project too. Please help.


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Hello @aams,


This was working with ZEDboard.

Was the project working before on the zedboard? Or are you talking about the HLS ip? If the HLS testbench results were correct, maybe the problem is the clock period with which the design was constrained. Can you tell me the clock period of the HLS ip?

Can you also attach the HLS code?


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