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One Triangle One pulse only in Waveforms


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Can you please help me on this question about how to generate single signals only?

One triangle and one Pulse simultaniusly in order to make only one characteristic curve of a transistor!

I've been trying and i only get continuous signals of triangles and pulses!

i need something like this in waveforms and how to do it in python using the sdk! What instruction is it actually in the sdk refference manual?


Please your answer will be valuable! @attila

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Hi @[email protected]

You can use standard signal types with proper configuration or custom signals.
Like triangle running for half period at twice freq as your pulse requirement, or adjusting phase to 270, using offset and running for one period, and similar for square (pulse) signal.
See the WF SDK/ samples/ py/ AnalogOut_Pulse.py and other examples.


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