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Programmer for Digilent Boards


Good morning all,

I am about to order some boards for a project.  I will be ordering Arty A7 boards, Cmod A7 boards, and Nexsys A7 boards.  Can someone please tell me what programmer I need to get that I can use with all of these boards.  My computer operating system will be Windows 10.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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1 hour ago, EmbedMe said:

Can someone please tell me what programmer I need to get that I can use with all of these boards

It's a bit late to be asking this question after parting with your money, but lucky for you the answer is pretty easy to take.

All of the boards come with a USB UART/JTAG connector for configuration of the FPGA. I really like the GUI Adept Utility that Digilent has for Windows, including WIN10. This is an alternate ( and to my way of thinking a nicer alternative ) to the Vivado Hardware Manager.  There isn't a similar tool for Linux installations, but purportedly, Linux users don't need no stink'n GUI tools because a good keyboard and terminal window is all they'd ever want for making sweet love to their PC. You can't do anything with your boards without the Vivado tools because they arrive as a blank slate.

I recommend that the first thing that anyone using a Digilent FPGA board does after installing Vitis/Vivado is to install all of the Digilent JTAG, board support, and IP repository. Unfortunately, you have to do this for all new version installs... It you use the GUI version of the tools then you might as well make your life as easy as possible.

Thanks, for the question because you've just reminded me that I have things to do for my recent install of the latest tools.

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