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Vertically inverting Pmod OLED's (128X32) Display



I am using Pmod OLED (128X32) display of Nexy's video 4 development board. The FPGA sample code of OLED given on the same digilent's website works just fine. My requirement is to VERTICALLY invert the display. I have already Used some of the commands given in the datasheet of SSD 1306 (The controller of Pmod OLED) for vertically inverting the display but it didn't work... Need help Plz !!!


Note: The datasheet of SSD 1306 is attached. The commands that I already used to Vertically invert the display are also highlighted in the attached pictures below.



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Hi @Wasif,

I am looking to see what the correct command to send is to the Pmod OLED to invert the display. What needs to be done is the set display start line (section 10.1.6) needs to have set ram 63 to com 0.


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