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Out of Box Project (Artix-Z7-20)



Out team has downloaded this project "out of box" from your github site.  https://github.com/Digilent/Arty-Z7-20-OOB/blob/master/README.md

We are using Artix Z7-20 board, Vivado 2020.1 and Vitis.  We are able to generate the bitstream, export the hardware, configure platform / application and program FPGA. 

After doing so, and running the "Hello World" application, the HDMI-In and Out are both working.  We see "Hello World" printed on teraterm console so seems to be functioning.

However, buttons and switched are not having any effect on board LEDs.  The RGB are not cycling colors, and audio output is not heard on headphones when button is pressed.

Can you clarify if there are any additional modifications needed to do (not outlined in readme) to make function as described?








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I compared 2018 and 2020 project.

In 2018,

  • Ising SDK, I am finding supporting C-files and main script which clearly should be driving the peripheral devices attached to Zynq.


In 2020 project:

  • I did not find "main.c" file.
  • I am using Vitis (not SDK in 2020)
  • Going form Vivado to Vitis, the hardware only outputs drivers for
    • AudioStream_PWM,
    • rgb_led,
    • user_io. 
  • I don't have exported hardware for
    • intc.h, dma.h, and verbose.h
    • These were referenced in 2018 sdk main.

I have attempted to copy these "missing" resources from 2018 to 2020 project to resolve (bandaid for why these are not outputting), but couple values "AUD_NR_SAMPLES" and "AUDIO_MEM_ADDR" are now preventing me from compiling and I'm not 100% sure what these should be set to yet.


Attached are copies of main.c and the addresses on ps7.  Can you please provide some feedback on suggested next steps?






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I have run the 2020 vitis zipped file from https://github.com/Digilent/Arty-Z7-20-OOB/releases/tag/v2020.1-2

this is working.  


However, only question is:  Why are the drivers for Vitis different from the drivers from Vivado?  (also dma, intc, verbose not output when using vivado export hardware)

I am concerned i cannot recompile the vivado and create a working project.  Please advise.



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