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Waveforms 3.14.3, Analog Discovery 2: Unable to change buffer size to see full readout


This is probably a stupid question, but I haven't been able to figure it out in the last week and I haven't found the answer on the forums.

I have the maximum buffers set to 1k, and the device buffers set to setting 4, 16x16k for logic. I am trying to read I2C data, and the transmission is always cut off after a certain number of commands are sent. For example, I am sending a read command, then a write, then a read. Only the first read and the write appear in waveforms. I assume that this is because I do not have enough buffers. As shown in the screenshot, there are 49 buffers. I cannot increase this number, either by pressing the up button or typing in a larger value, even though my buffer limit is 1k.

I've used an oscilloscope to read the transmission also, and all 3 commands are being sent through the I2C bus, so I know the error isn't in my code.

Does anyone know how I can increase my number of buffers, or if it is a separate issue limiting the number of transmissions visible? Any reference to an appropriate forum post or documentation would be helpful. 

Device Buffers.png


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