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Zedboard FMC IO Voltage


I'd be grateful if anyone could provide some guidance on how to decide what voltage to set the FMC pins to on a Zedboard.

We have an AD7768 evaluation board and want to start with the Analog Devices example hdl code. The constraints file in their code sets the IOSTANDARD as LVCMOS25 for the FMC pins. However, from the circuit diagram for the evaluation board it looks as though the FMC connector on their side is driven at 3.3 V. 

I realise that I can't expect the Digilent site to provide information about Analog Devices products (I've asked a question on their site but had no reply) but, in general, as a beginner in this, how should you decide what voltage to use? What are the consequences of using 2.5 V if the other side is using 3.3 V? We'd have to do some soldering to set the Zedboard FMC to 3.3 V, so I assume it's not something that's expected to happen very often.


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