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[Zybo-Z7] EFUSE (IC26 - TPS25940) circuit issue: Incorrect maximum input voltage




There is IMHO a wrong calculation of R316 (4.7k) and R317 (1k) from the over-voltage protection for the EFUSE (IC26).

According to the reference manual manual of the Zybo-Z7, the maximal input voltage should be 5.7V.

But that's not correct. The maximal input voltage is between 5.244V and 5.643V before the EFUSE

cuts of the supply from the board.


Please take a look in the datasheet from the EFUSE. The negative input from the internal comparator could be between

0.92V and 0.99V.  With these two values and the current values of R316 and R317 (without calculated tolerances) the maximum

input voltage is between 5.643V (internal comparator input at 0.99V) and 5.244V (internal comparator input at 0.92V).


Please can you verify these? And if my calculations correct, update (add a information) the reference manual?



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