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How to program QSPI flash(and SD-memory) on Eclypse-Z7?


Hello there,

Please let me know how do I program Vivado-bitstream-file to QSPI Flash(and SD-memory) on Eclypse-Z7

I made a programing-logic (PL) and generate bitstream-file using Vivado. Then, I make a FSBL-file and create a boot-image file (“BOOT.bin”) using SDK.

My program include clocking-wizard IP for 100MHz setting but processing system (PS) is not included.

The bitstream works normally on the process of “Program device” of Vivado but does not work thorough the QSPI-flash (or SD-memory).

I have tried it using SDK ver. 2016.4 to 2019.1, respectively.

“Erase Operation successful.” And “Flash Operation Successful” are shown on the ver.2016.4 to 2017.1 but the program does not work form the QSPI Boot (as well as SD-memory Boot).

Also, The “ERROR: Flash Operation Failed” is shown on the ver. 2017.3 to 2019.1.



T. Tamanuki

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Hi Takemasa,

looks like we are facing the same issue although not performing the same job

looks like there is a known problem with QSPI flash programming for Z7 since SDK version 2017.3 (or VITIS) but i was unable to find a clear work around

(i just added a thread on the forum minutes ago)



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