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Interfacing Pcam 5c with the NXP iMX8M-Mini processor.


Hi Team,

Am working on solution using OV5640 camera over 15-Pin CSI interface. I found Pcam 5c to be suitable part for evaluation.

- NXP has active source for OV5640 device driver.

My question is do I have to look-out any specific things while interfacing? FYI, I have checked pin compatibility already. 

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Hi @autoamp,

The main thing you would need to look for (and it appears you have already done so) would be to check that whatever connectivity you are planning to use lines up with the 15-pin flat flexible cable connector present on the Pcam 5C.

Otherwise I would check that the power supplies are set up since the schematic shows that the Pcam 5C uses a 3.3V line to generate the needed 1.8V and 2.8V for the module.

Thank you,

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