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GPIO not working on all 14 outputs


HI, Guys,

I am working with an ARTY-Z7-20 board and the GPIO IP uses shield_dp0_dp13 outputs.

the fact is that when I write a value for the outputs using the command

XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&OutDig,IntBytesBuffer); I write 02 bytes and all 14 bits should be written.

It does not work for bit 10 of the sequence. It is not a hardware problem because If I use an older .bin bootup file, all works fine.

Would you have a clue where I can go to find the reason for that ?



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Are you sure that everything is okay with the new .bin file?
From what I recall, boot.bin consists of .bit & .elf files. Maybe there have been changes to the .bit file which affect the behaviour of the GPIO.

Best wishes,

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