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Question about USRP B205mini-i



Does anyone know if the Digilent's USRP is exactly the same as the Ettus B205mini-i? (or, what are the differences between the two?)

I am specifically looking for 2 things:

1. Whether the RF performance is the same as Ettus's.

2. Whether I can use the B205mini-i metal enclosure on this board.



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Hi @amehdi,

I got confirmation that the USRB B205mini-i that Digilent sells and the one Ettus sells are the same board with the same specifications. You will be free to use the enclosure that Ettus sells separately, https://www.ettus.com/all-products/usrp-b205mini-i-enclosure/, on the module that Digilent sells. Based on the Ettus page for the enclosure, all it does is increase the safe operating temperature range.

Thank you,

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