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Zybo Z7-20 secure boot

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I'm working on a project where I need to program the board using encrypted FSBL Boot Image. I have already described my issue in detail in Xilinx community forum: https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/ACAP-and-SoC-Boot-and/FSBL-not-loaded-from-QSPI-flash-after-encryption-switched-on/td-p/1173437
I prepared a working, but unencrypted solution. Now it looks like the Zybo Z7-20 Zynq is not a production silicon and I will not be able to finish the project.


Can you confirm my suspectation? 

I have checked the XC7Z020 IDCODE and it is the version 2 (on our other Zybo boards it is the same), which should be affected by: 


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Hi @schoechm,

What I would do to check (though I'm 99.9% positive that all of our Zybo Z7-20's use production silicon) would be to connect to the board in the Hardware Manager, select the Hardware Device Properties, and see what the first digit is in the IDCODE_HEX field. If it's a '2', then it is production silicon. You can learn more about how to determine this from AR#37579.


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