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Connecting multiple Pmod ISNS20 sensors to a controller?


I would like to use 6 Pmod ISNS20 current sensors in a prototype application, and I would like to use an off-the-shelf interface board to connect to all the sensors. However, the Digilent Pmod HAT adapter (for Raspberry Pi) can only be used to connect to two SPI devices, so can't be used.

Does anyone know of an interface board that I can use to connect to 6 SPI devices? I haven't selected a controller yet, so Arduino/Pi/etc boards would be Ok. I know that I can make an I/F board using GPIO pins to drive the various slave selects, and write software to handle this, but I would much prefer an off-the-shelf solution. Thanks.

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Hi @EML,

I don't know of any devices, Digilent or otherwise, that specifically provide 6 different SPI buses. Most of the Digilent MCU boards only have 4 SPI buses at the most; a number of boards (both MCU and FPGA) do have enough Pmod ports to handle 6 different Pmod ISNS20, though you would need either bit-bang the SPI interfaces or multiplex the Chip Selects as you mentioned.

An FPGA, as it lets you create your own SPI buses from the hardware, would be an ideal solution for this if you wanted individual SPI lines for each module, though if you have not used an FPGA before, the learning curve can be a bit higher.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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