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About Arbitrary Waveform Generator of analog discovery 2


Dear Sir,

1.Do you have arbitrary waveform generator's harmonic and phase noise spec ?(Are you using sine wave for measurement?)

2.If Logic Analyzer uses state mode(external clock), what is its maximum state clock rate?


Best Regards


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Hi @Paul Chang

You can find a detailed reference manual here:

1. I don't see in the manual harmonic/phase specs, but the AD2 with BNC loopback looks like this:

2. For external clocking in Logic Analyzer the Sync mode can be used. Note that the trigger is not available in this mode.
The external signal are resampled at internal 100MHz, so theoretical maximum is 50MHz, with either edge 100MHz. The achievable depends on the driver circuit, probably up to 10-30MHz.
For larger captures than the device buffer (4-16k) the rate is limited by streaming data over USB, to about 1-5MSps


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