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Digilent Basys3 Keyboard Demo not working for me.


I have been following the demo documentation for interfacing a USB keyboard with the Basys3 Artix-7 board but I have not been able to see the outputs on the serial terminal "Tera Term".

I have been following this Demo documentation:



Here is the Github file with the vivado project:



I'm using a corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard, it uses a standard USB connection. I have Tera Term on my computer to display the keyboard data in a serial terminal. I know the serial port is correct and the settings seem all fine so I'm really confused on why it won't work properly. Does it have anything to do with the blue jumper on the basys3 board that switches between QSPI,JTAG, and USB modes? Attached are some screenshots of the Serial terminal settings and my COM7 port. I have a feeling it has to do with my keyboard being an RGB keyboard because the lights on my keyboard do some funky stuff when I have it connect to the board.



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