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The DONE LED(LED4) is off and CPLD do not work in NetSUME FPGA board


After turning on the power switch (SW1)  in NetSUME board, I only see the Power LED (LD10) on... in red and the DONE LED is off . I checked that JP1 is not shorted,and I pressed the button PROG in NetSUME board.

I think CPLD xc2c512 has been accidentally reprogrammed over JTAG although that is less likely.

The following command run at a terminal:

dsumecfg write -d NetSUME -f production_test.bit -s 0 -verify

Error information at a terminal is following:

Configuring FPGA...
FPGA configuration succeeded.
Erasing Flash: 0%ERROR: timed out after 25000ms while waiting for FPGA handshake
ERROR: FPGA handshake failed while erasing blocks blocks 0 - 5

In addition ,It is possible that I run the command:

djtgcfg erase -i 1 -d NetSUME

 Can you help me fixing the CPLD   in the board designed by your company?

A similar problem also was resolved in the forum  as can be seen in the following scrren shot.


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