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Buffer size larger than 8192 in LabVIEW



I would like to use a buffer size larger than 8192.  Larger than 16384, if possible, but at least I know from Waveforms that 16384 is possible.

It is easy enough to write a program using the Digilent WF VIs to acquire samples of 8192.  There are hints that buffers of 16384 are possible with the SDK, and to look in the example program LabForms as to how to do this.  But the scope in LabForms doesn't take samples for more than 8192.  The vi F Dwf Analog In Buffer Size Set.vi or F Dwf Analog In Record Length Set.vi seem like they ought to be able to set a larger buffer, if this was possible.  But they doesn't seem to have much straightforward effect.

Does anyone know how to make a larger buffer in LabVIEW?  An example program would be particularly useful.

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Hi @jfj,

I received the following details from somebody more familiar with the WaveForms and LabVIEW integration:



You can use a buffer up to 16k, with Analog Discovery 2 or Analog Discovery Studio if you configure them in mode 4 (check the FDwfDeviceConfigOpen function in the WaveForms SDK Reference Manual - https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/waveforms/waveforms-sdk/reference-manual) , or up to 32k with Digital Discovery.

For a tutorial about using the WaveForms SDK functions in LabVIEW, check this guide: https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/instrumentation/digital-discovery/controlling-digital-discovery-with-labview/start

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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