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NetFPGA Sume Board Support Package



Does anyone know of a reference design or a board support package that works for the NetFPGA Sume board?

I already tried to build the official github repo. Maybe missed something, as it didn't work for me, but another led blinking project (from github) seems to build in vivado.

I would like to have a board support package including the memory interfaces and PCIe, does anyone know about such?

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Hi @pcdeni,

The NetFPGA group has created all of the materials and provides support for those materials for the NetFPGA SUME. Digilent does not have any reference designs or support for the SUME board. The mailing list for the NetFPGA SUME, which you should have access to if you signed up for access to the official repository, would be able to provide additional help regarding this.

Thank you,

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