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Digilent Tutorial for Microblaze based system on Nexys Video yields timing errors - How can I fix them


I purchased a Nexys-Video and implemented a Microblaze based project on it by following a tutorial on Digilent's website


Before I started I made sure I got the latest set of board files from the digilent website.   I followed the instructions as indicated, although I noticed that there were some inconsistencies in the tutorial as in some screens hinted that the tutorial was written originally for the Nexys4DDR and was later adapted for the Nexys-Video board (some screens still show Nexys4DDR).

I tried pasting here a picture of the the system I obtained at the end but this website would not let me. Any way, my system matches exactly the one in the tutorial.   The validation passed, synthesis also passed ( although it gave me the same error the tutorial asked me to ignore, which I did). 

However, before running implementation I ran a "Report Timing Summary" from the Synthesized Design sub-menu,  It gave me the several errors related to the oserdes_clk...

To make sure these errors were not caused by something I may have entered wrong while creating the project, I decided to re-do the project starting from a blank slate, but the results were exactly the same in the new project. 

I tried to paste here an image with the errors but this website would not let me ....  Anyway, the errors were

Inter-clock paths /  oserdes_clk to oserdes_clk /  Hold -0.246ns (10 occurrences)

Below is one of the Interclock paths that had the Hold timing error






I think the error is due to a lack of one or more timing constraints. I suspect there might be an error with the board files associated to the Nexys-Video board, specifically related to the MIG7 and the DDR .  I do not have enough knowledge of the system to be able to make the constraints myself.

How could I solve these timing errors?


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