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About Zmod ADC 1410 demo


Dear Sir,

I have some zmod ADC demo questions blow:

1.About USB104A7 ZmodADC Demo:


This demo has length of command . What's the maximum length?

Can I save a large data size? 


2.I have checked the code below: 


The TRANSFER_LEN  is  0x400 . Can I setup it and save the a large data size? 


Best Regards,







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@Paul Chang,

The Digilent AXI support only allows up to 16383 (0x3FFF) contiguous samples per channel. If you eschew their AXI IP you can do better. Unfortunately, the board has no storage available to the PL so capturing large contiguous sample sets is problematic. I've made a lot of posts on ways to use the ZMOD PODs using methods that are an alternative to the Digilent support of the Eclypse-Z7 or using other platforms. 

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2 hours ago, Greatzwall said:

Could you give us the direct link to your post on ways to use the ZMOD PODs?

Well, you could do a search on the Digilent site for Eclypse-Z7 for comments and exchanges.

I've posted projects using ZMODs with some useful information in the Project Vault section:



I've posted about other projects here:


You could also view my profile for relevant posts. It's hard to track down all of the interesting posts related to the Eclypse-Z7.

The Eclypse-Z7 is limited** by design. The Xilinx AXI IP support for getting data from the ZYNQ PL to the ZYNQ PS external memory is limited. The Xilinx board design flow is limited. I've posted on ways to  capture more than 16383 consecutive samples using the Eclypse-Z7. I've also posted on using the XEM-7320 which is not a ZYNQ based platform. Digilent sells a non-ZYNQ board with 1 SYZYGY standard port but I haven't used it so I can't comment on it.

** By limited I mean 'limited in a way that's driven by unfortunate design decisions'.

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