What's the best invention so far?

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The advancement in technology is immeasurable in the past decades. Sometimes, it's just hard to keep up. Imagine how people back then would react seeing a computer. 😉 Before these ingenious inventions, what would you say would be your favorite and why?

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Before I throw in (with) the towel I've got to say that toilet paper was the first thing to came to mind. I'll spare you the stream of conscientiousness that comes with that but I'll offer two thoughts. When it became impossible to find a few months ago the situation was certainly a source of terrible anxiety. Unlike most of the great electronics wonders of the past 75 years or so the money people haven't figured out how to turn TP customers into a state of perpetual servitude. No planned obsolescence like Windows where you have to replace something that's not too horrible with something that is just because Microsoft an influx of cash. No 2 year pre-paid contract, even if the provider can't provide a useful service, like cable. No outright theft like cell phone carriers and printer companies. And on and on. I'm betting that it'll be a long long time before your TP stops working because it's date code has lapsed.... However it it ever becomes unavailable again I'll at least how some almost full and totally usable but out of date ink jet cartridges on hand....

Of course, before TP someone thought of ways to separate people from their waste contributing to the health and well-being of humanity.

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