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Problem faced in product registration of Arty A7-35T



This is my first question in this forum. So, I apologize if it is a stupid one. 

We recently bought a Arty A7-35T development board. There is a leaflet along with the product which asks us to register the product and access other resources at "digilentinc.com/start/ArtyA7". A pic of the same is attached with this post. However, this  link gives a 404 not found error. I am also attaching the relevant screenshot.

Any help regarding this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

404 not found error.png

fpga product registration.jpg

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Hi @Anuvab Nandi,

Presuming you are referring to where I had said Arty A7, then yes; in that case it is referring to the same board as the Arty A7-35T. Digilent also has a -100T FPGA version of the Arty A7 with similar demos on that same Resource Center, but otherwise has the same layout and design as the Arty A7-35T, so I usually group those two boards together as "Arty A7".

Let me know if you have any questions.


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