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ZYBO-Z7-20 is not detected by the hardware manager.


Hi all, 

So I recently purchased a zybo board to play around with, and I cannot get the hardware manager in Vivado to detect it to save my life. I am using a micro USB cable to connect the board to my (windows) laptop, and for whatever reason, the board is not being detected at all. I downloaded digilent adept to see it would at least show up there, but nothing. I am sure I have the correct drivers installed, so I don't know what I could be doing wrong. Thanks in advance. 


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Hi @FrozenW,

To confirm, you are using the Zybo Z7-20? One initial thing that I would try would be to use a different micro-USB cable as some of those cables are designed for charging only.

I presume this is the case, but since it wasn't directly mentioned, I presume the Zybo Z7-20 is switched on and has the "power good" LED turned on when power (either through the cable or externally, with the correct jumper setting) is connected?


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@JColvin This thread is somewhat old, but the issue was that my board wasn't connected to a power supply (I didn't know that connecting the board to the wall supply wasn't enough haha). I had to use my analog discovery to give my board power (I indeed did have the Z7-20). Thank you for the help. 

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Zybo Z7 can be powered through USB only, without a wall supply or a battery. Please look at the jumper position to be set between VU5V0 and USB like on the picture below. 


Check the markings on the board for the proper way to power the Zybo. You shouldn't have to use your Discovery to power the Zybo.



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