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Classic Bluetooth PmodESP32 - Update Firmware


Hi everyone,

I bought a PmodESP32 evaluation board to test the ESP32 module. In my project I would like to use classic bluetooth (no low energy).

When I power up the system and do a scan with a smartphone, the ESP32 module does not appear. If I try to use the AT commands (AT + BTINIT ...) the module replies with an error message.

I'm pretty sure the system firmware needs to be updated, so i tried to do a firmware upload but without success.

I used various software (Arduino, ESP DOWNLOAD TOOL V3.8.5) but during the procedure it seems that the module is not recognized.


How can I proceed to update the ESP32-WROOM-32 module ?

Thank you



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Hi @FabioSchiavon,

I have reached out to see if we have some more specific instructions available for updating firmware since it seems you've attempted the things I would have recommended.

Though I don't know if the ESP32 will be able to do classic bluetooth since Bluetooth Low Energy devices aren't able communicate with classic bluetooth devices as they don't communicate in the same way.


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