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artix 7 ethernet echo server


Hi All,

I have the ethernet echo server running on the Nexys Video board (artix 7 200t fpga).  Ultimately, this Microblaze design utilizes too many resources.

I was wondering if anyone out there has a lite weight state machine solution to controlling the Xilinx Mac for IP address and Mac address and framing?

By the time you add extra scatter gather DMA to the DDR and Microblaze system, so you can fifo data from say an ADC to the ethernet mac, these add significant resources.

Any thoughts?


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Hi @boyerkg,

I haven't seen a lite weight implementation for Ethernet. From what I've been able to see, the main trouble is that the transceiver loaded onto the board is a variant that only supports RGMII which needs it's own licensed IP, the TEMAC IP,  if you're going the IP route. My understanding is that Microblaze can also be resource hungry in general for complex designs, which can then make some Zynq based devices potentially attractive with their dedicated processor and ethernet core already built in.


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