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Problem with XDC


Hi, I'm just trying to make a led blinking but I am having problem with the XDC.

This is my code:

module blinking (clk, LED);

  input clk;
  output LED;

  reg [31:0] counter;
  reg LED_status;

  initial begin
    counter <= 32'b0;
    LED_status <= 1'b0;

  always @ (posedge clk) 
      counter <= counter + 1'b1;
      if (counter > 100000000)
          LED_status <= !LED_status;
          counter <= 32'b0;


  assign LED = LED_status;



So, I think my XDC should be:

set_property LOC F14 [ get_ports clk]
set_property LOC AH13 [ get_ports LED]

But I'm getting these errors:


What's the problem with my XDC file ?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Juan,

It looks like Vivado is complaining that your declared clock pin is not actually on a clock line. If you use a dedicated clock pin (usually at the top of .xdc files that Digilent provides for our boards, github link), that should appease Vivado.

What board are you using?


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