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Simple block ram program not working


Hey guys. Still in the noob state where I'm overlooking something simple, but I've tried searching quite a bit on the web to no avail on using the block RAM properly. I use the IP core generator to create a 32x64512 bit block RAM. I then created a simple example that should light my LEDs with the contents I recently wrote into the RAM. No lights light up. Here's the code:


library IEEE;
entity MainSPI is
    Port (	clk	: in  STD_LOGIC;
				led	: out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (7 downto 0));
end MainSPI;

architecture Behavioral of MainSPI is

	component Block_RAM
			clka	: in STD_LOGIC;
			wea	: in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(0 downto 0);
			addra	: in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(15 downto 0);
			dina	: in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 downto 0);
			douta	: out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 downto 0)
	end component;

	signal flip1 : STD_LOGIC := '0';
	signal flip2 : STD_LOGIC := '0';
	signal ram_addr : STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(15 downto 0) := "0000000000000000";
	SIGNAL write_enable : STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(0 downto 0) := "0";
	signal ram_write : STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 DOWNTO 0);
	signal ram_read : STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 DOWNTO 0);


	ram_instance : Block_RAM
		port map(
		addra => ram_addr,
		wea => write_enable,
		dina => ram_write,
		douta => ram_read,
		clka => clk

	if rising_edge(clk) then
		if flip1 = '0' then
			write_enable <= "1";
			ram_addr <= "0111110000000000";
			ram_write <= "10101010111111110000100011101111";
			flip1 <= '1';
		end if;
		if flip2 = '0' and flip1 <= '1' then
			write_enable <= "0";
			ram_addr <= "0111110000000000";
			led <= ram_read(11 downto 4);
			flip2 <= '1';
		end if;
	end if;
	end process;

end Behavioral;


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Thanks for pointing out that I can use the Vivado simulator, I didn't think about it since I had to use ISE to run on the Spartan 6. Turns out my code just needed to wait for one more clock cycle for the output to route to the LEDs.

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